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Red Door RZ7

The Finest Bikes and Brands

Working with some of the finest bike brands in the world, we have special partnerships with leading frame builders in all mediums, Carbon, Steel and Titanium.

That said, we are not constrained like other bike shops and we work with our clients to build their dream-bike, whatever that means to them.

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Ultimate Craftsmanship

We spend the time making sure every aspect of your build is perfect, from the first smear of assembly paste in the seat-tube to the last tightening of every bolt to the perfect torque setting. We pride ourselves in handing over a bike that just feels perfect.


The Perfect Fit

With more than a decade fitting bikes to their riders, advising them on biomechanical or postural issues , a degree in sports rehabilitation and over 30 years racing bikes or working in the cycling industry, "Chief Dreamer" Rich is uniquely placed to help you build a bike you will never want to stop riding.

Every Fahrworks build comes with the knowledge that you will be guided through every aspect of the selection, build and fit process so that your bike fits better than a glove.

Bespoke, Tailored, Selected, Refined, Flawlessly Built and Fitted to perfection.

Recent Builds

This was essentially Fahrworks Genesis #001.

A masterpiece of frame innovation from Parlee Cycles. Aerodynamic perfection but incredibly comfortable. The RZ7 is a rocket ship. The components were painstakingly selected and even though all the Dura-Ace Di2 componentry is matching, every piece was selected individually to ensure perfect ride and function. We used a favourite DA wheel set and shod with Vittorias finest Corsa Graphene 2 tyres.

Topped off with a groundbreaking FiZik Antares 3D printed saddle. This bike is so good, Rich is keeping it for himself as his forever bike that represents everything that Fahrworks took to set up.

The Fahrworks Process

A better way to get the perfect riding partner

We believe that everyone is an individual with individual histories and idiosyncratic bodies. That and the fact everyone has their preferred style of riding, components and aesthetic preferences. With a Fahrworks Bike we can work through everything with you, with decades of knowledge in both the cycling industry, retail, racing, bike-fitting and a degree in sports injuries. We think this makes for a unique skillset to really help you build a bike that you will know is the best possible machine for you and your body.

Read more by clicking through the button below for more on the ins and outs of how things work when you start a Fahrworks journey.

Our History

Our origins providing a better bike fit and why we chose the name Fahrworks

After spending years qualifying with a Sports Rehabilitation degree and working in the cycling industry as well as riding and racing on many levels, Rich has spent the last decade building a reputation of providing riders of all abilities with a more rider-centric personalised fit.

The logical extension to this and his other expertise was to start giving the people what they wanted when they kept asking him to help them spec and build their dream bike.

Click here to read more about the reasons Fahrworks exists today and how the name came to be.

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At Dreamworks we are not constrained like other bike shops. Whatever you can think, we can build. That said, we do have brands that we work closely with that we believe are some of the finest frame and component manufacturers in the world. We are honoured to partner with these brands.

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Let's work together

If you have a creative project in mind, get in contact with us at Fahrworks Bikes today. We believe in this being a collaborative process and we listen to every dream you have and then bring our expertise to the table to make those dreams a reality. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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