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Bike Fitting

With a decade of experience helping people ride their bikes more efficiently, more comfortably and injury free, we wanted to bring this expertise to help riders build their dream bike, unconstrained by what's "in-stock".


We start from a completely blank slate and take all the riders needs, desires and physical idiosyncrasies into account to build them the most perfectly fitted bike and one that will inspire them to realise their cycling goals, whatever they may be.

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Please head to the Pedal Precision website for more information on all our standalone bike fitting services, our concept and bookings. Thanks!

Pedal Precision:

Where it all began

Ten years ago, after going back to University to study Sports Rehabilitation, Rich set up Pedal Precision to bring his knowledge and passion for cycling together to help as many riders as possible to simply "Ride-Better". Whether that means to ride without the pain of a chronic injury, stay comfortable over longer distances or maximise power at the races, Pedal Precision takes a holistic approach to making sure the rider and bike work perfectly together.


Why Fahrworks?

After our original name that was born in COVID lockdown was objected to by a large multinational company, despite us being able to show there was no conflict, we came to an agreement to re-brand, so we went back to the drawing board to come up with a name that we could truly "own".

Having spent time growing up in Germany, and German doctors having been responsible for saving Rich's life at a young age, he obviously had an affinity to the country. One of the things that he admired was their reputation for precision engineering, accuracy and attention to detail. So when it came to finding a name for this project, something German seemed appropriate.

The German word for Bicycle is "Fahrrad", they also use the word Fahrwerk in the context of some of the precision engineering firms that we mentioned above. So it was a logical progression to make a hybrid of these two words and create a word unfamiliar in either language, but one that we hope in time will be synonymous with our brand and representative of the exacting standards we bring to every build.

Let's work together

If you are thinking about building a dream-bike we would love to help you turn it into a reality. Get in touch and we can talk you through everything. Many Thanks.

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